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Loan Calculators: Calculate Mortgages, Bank Loans, Mortgages and Consumer Loans

Whatever type of loan you are looking for, it may be sensible to calculate the loan. Which loan should you choose, which is the cheapest and how much will it cost you? Therefore, have developed loan calculators for all types of purposes.

At the Loan Fund you will find loan calculators for calculating all types of loans.

In the next sections will describe specific loan calculators. If you need to calculate a loan that does not fall into one of the following categories, you can probably use bank loan calculator . have targeted the calculator against bank loans, but the calculator itself can also be used for many other types of loans. You must specify the terms of the loan. Then you can calculate the price of any loan.

Mortgage calculator for mortgages

In fact, mortgage calculator is not a loan calculator. Instead, it is a guide to calculating mortgage loans, as well as links to bank lender calculator and mortgage calculator. A mortgage consists of several different loans, and therefore it is calculated with different loan calculators. However, it is quite simple. If you are in doubt about how to do then you can find a video at the bottom of the page where a specific mortgage is calculated through loan calculators.

Loan calculator for bank loans

With loan calculator for bank loans you can easily calculate your bank loan. However, a bank loan is quite common, which is offered by a bank. Therefore you can also use the calculator for a large number of other types of loans. You must specify the loan size, maturity, creation fee and monthly fees, as well as the annual interest rate. Then you can calculate the loan.

As a result, you get the following facts:

  • The total amount you have to pay back
  • Total credit costs
  • Your payment first month
  • Your payment subsequent months (monthly payment)

Mortgage calculator for mortgage loans

Calculate your mortgage with mortgage calculator. Basically, some default values ​​have been selected, so you can quickly calculate a loan without having studied what specific loan you want to raise.

If you want a quick calculation, you can just change the values ​​that are appropriate for you. If you do not have a specific loan in mind, but only because you have to borrow 1.6 million DKK in mortgage, you can just change the loan amount. Then you get an approximate calculation on your loan. This can give a quick indication to you if you are not yet in your plans for house purchase.

If you have a more concrete loan in mind, you can change all the values ​​to the exact values ​​you have for this loan. Then you get a more accurate calculation that matches your borrowing needs.

Loan calculator for consumer loans

In loan calculator for consumer loans, have information about the actual Danish consumer loans directly in the calculator. This means that you only have to specify the required loan amount and maturity. This is done with 2 sliders, which are easily moved from side to side. This allows you to quickly see the meaning of your choices for the selection of loans. As well as the importance of your choices for the monthly benefit. You will see all loans that meet your criteria regarding loan amount and maturity. However, the cheapest loan is always displayed at the top. This allows you to easily and quickly find the best and cheapest loans on the market.