How to obtain loans

Choosing the best financing is not easy, the financial sector has multiple products and it is usual not to know which product is the most appropriate for each situation. Therefore, from Ault, we help you choose the most appropriate form of financing according to the destination of the amount and the personal characteristics of each of our users.

How do we do it?

We have created an online portal so that our users can compare and obtain the most advantageous financing for it.

The process to apply for financing with Push Button For is very simple and will take you very little time. There are 3 steps that you will have done in about 5 minutes.

  1. First, you have to think about which product is the most convenient. If you have any questions on our website we answer the questions that our users ask us.

  2. Then you have to fill out a loan application.

  3. Finally, we will show you the products you can request (those that fit your profile) so you can compare and choose the best financing option.

With this free process at Ault, we study your profile and put you in contact with the products that meet your conditions. One of the biggest advantages of our portal is that in a web you can see a wide range of options.

What products can I request?

You can obtain financing in three different ways and it will be convenient to choose one or the other according to the destination of the amount. We show you the profiles of each type.

Personal loans

There are numerous destinations and reasons to request a personal loan. It is usually requested when we need an extra amount, which we do not have, to buy something or carry out a project. The most common destinations are: buy or fix a car, pay for studies, pay for medical treatment, make a reform, for a trip or resolve outstanding debts.

As there are many entities that offer loans, we help you find the one that offers the best conditions and rates.

Mortgage loans

The purpose of these loans is different from the previous one, the objective is usually to buy a house or another type of property. Therefore, the amounts of amounts and the repayment terms are broader.

Unification of debts

This product does not offer you an amount directly, they are credit repairers that help you unite and settle outstanding debts. It is a way of dealing with problems of over-indebtedness. In general, repairers can get you up to 70% in the payment of your total debt.

Credit cards

It is a form of financing that gives you facilities when it comes to paying for your purchases. In general, you have a credit limit and you only pay interest for the amount of amount you need. Another of its peculiarities is that by using a credit card you can get discounts and offers on your purchases.

Advantages of obtaining financing with Ault

  • You save time

In a web, you can compare different products from different entities.


  • Fast and online service

We study your situation in less than 5 minutes and we immediately show you what products you can request.


  • Free and without obligation

We do not ask for an amount in advance and it will not cost you any money to apply for credit at Ault. You also do not have to choose a product if you are not convinced by any


  • Secure loans

We collaborate with safe and transparent banks and financial institutions so that our users know at all times how much they will have to pay back.